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Operating from a Top of the line facility, Xtreme HP Coatings offers its customers peace of mind in our services.

With our wide range of experience, including but not limited to:

  • Straight Run, and Spool, Piping
  • Sub-Sea Equipment
  • Oil Field Equipment
  • Machine Parts
  • Mast, Sub & Mud Systems
  • Structural Skids, and Lifting
  • Chemical & Refining Components
  • Towers, Columns, Vessels, and Piping
  • Actuated & Manual Valve Coating

Xtreme provides weatherproof Sandblasting and Painting options ensuring our customers that quality is at its highest at all times and the finished product will be above the competition - Rain or Shine!





None at this time. Feel free to check back with us!



  • Cold Weather Enclosure(s) - Multi Coating
  • Change House(s) - Multi Color, Multi Coating
  • Mud Systems & Components - Multi Color, Multi Coating
  • Derrick(s) - Multi Coatings
  • ASME Pressure Vessels - Multi Coating

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